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Black and White
  • Categories:Gender, Music Video
  • By Michael Jackson, On Video


The end of the video is about a minutes worth of face morphing. Most of the morphs are across gender.



Glen Chin is the first person who starts off the morphing sequence who transforms into Tyra Banks.

Here is Tyra Banks, the famous supermodel/actress. You can see her in a few episodes of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and the film "Coyote Ugly".

Tyra Banks turns into this ginger haired lady.

This is now the fourth person in the morphing sequence and now there is a female to male transformation - The ginger haired woman turns into this Rasta man, played by Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter.

The fifth transformation is the Rasta guy turning into this Indian woman.

The Indian woman next morphs into this dude.

From muscular black dude into small and thin oriental woman.

The oriental woman nexts morphs into this handsome and muscular white guy.

This is the pretty Asian girl most of the people who have commented like the most.

The pretty Asian girl, gives up her looks and transforms into this Latino man.

Next this Latino guy transforms into this white guy, Steve Peterson. Here, this is the only male to male transformation in this music video. Apparently someone found out the name of this guy on this page.

Steve then morphs into this white lady sideways, but she is seen very briefly because she then morphs into Cree Summer. Her only words she says are "It's white".

This is Cree Summer, the last girl in the morphing sequence.

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