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Magician Mickey episode Unknown
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode
  • Old Disney Cartoons


Presented in Technicolor, Circa 1937

Mickey puts on a stellar performance as a magician for a sold out audience. (Goofy working lights and curtain) Some tricks included turning his cape into a crow and turning a balloon into a lobster. But when a heckler by the name of Donald Duck storms the stage and breaks the magician's wand in frustration, Mickey pulls out a hoop and teaches him a lesson.
When Donald jumps through the hoop, he comes out the other side a different animal but he keeps his trademark sailor's hat.
First time he jumped through he became a boxing kangaroo who made some kangaroo noises and jumped back through the hoop, only to come out as a walrus. Mickey laid the hoop on the floor, which Donald (now a walrus) jumped into what was now a pool of water. When he emerged, he was back to his old self and was ready to take his anger out on Mickey. Donald jumped up and down gearing up to fight, but stepped on the hoop causing it to loop over himself and Donald Duck was now Donald Monkey. Donald realized his mistake and quickly changed himself back.
Donald then got his hands on Magician Mickey's firework gun and fired several shots, bring the curtain (and the lights, and rigging, and everything else) down on the show.

Ahhh.... the old cartoons. Boy they sure are different than today's stuff.

You can get this cartoon on Disney's Mickey Mouse Fun Factory 1 DVD.

originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2006-05-11, no edits, entryid=595