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New Outer Limits episode Falling Star
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The time travel is done by taking over the body of a person in our time. At one point, 1 of the 2 male time cops sent to catch the woman is in the body of a woman. Short.


The unsuspecting couple in bed.

The first agent takes over the man.

The girl watches in horror as the

man is effected and she is about to be.

The second agent enters the woman.

Getting dressed.

As the second agent in the woman's

body dresses, we see him in the


And we see her dressing.

The agent starts to check it out....

The first agent tells him to stop

and get dressed. The second agent

says that he has never traveled in

a woman's body before.

It's distracting...

Both leave to go to the next apartment

where their criminal prey lies.

Confronting the time-criminal.

The second agent explains to the

woman whose body the time-criminal

has comandeered what is going on.

Back in their original position to

jump back forward in time and leave

the bodies they used the way they

found them.

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