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Corrector Yui episode Ep 12: Heart-Thumping Double Date Part Two
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode


It is the year 2020 and computers have become an integral part of daily life for most people, however despite the fact that her father is a software developer Yui Kasuga cannot use computers at all. However an evil computer called Grosser wants to take over the ComNet (what the Internet is called in Yui's time) and the programs that have been developed to stop it (called "correctors") need her help, she is sucked into the ComNet where she is recruited by a corrector called I.R. who gives her downloadable element suits that allow her to become the ComNet Fairy Corrector Yui who can fight Grosser's computer viruses.

In this episode Yui and Haruna's double-date is ruined when Grosser's Corruptors come to Marine Adventure Land. All seems lost... but then Yui meets two new components of Professor Inukai's software. Can Corrector Yui---with the help of Peace, and Follow---manage to protect Marine Adventure Land from an attack by Grosser himself?

Corrector Follow is a shapesifter, and takes the form of Yui to Fool Corrector Peace, But this helps Yui to maintein her secret safe from his own friends


originally posted by AlexaPadmeClone on 2006-05-16, no edits, entryid=583