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  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • Rated R, (C) 1991, On Video, Cast: (Amanda) Ellen Barkin, (Steve) Perry King


Steve Brooks, (Perry King) is a notoriously sexist man with a preference for blondes. One night, three women wronged by him gang up to murder him after seducing him into thinking that they want to have a four-way with him in a hot tub.

Given the way Steve has treated women, God isn't sure if Steve should go to Heaven or not. His one chance to redeem himself is to find one woman who truly loves him for who he really is. Otherwise, he becomes the personal property of the Devil (Bruce Payne). However, the Devil suggests making it more difficult for Steve by forcing him to return as a woman--an idea embraced by God. Steve is thus sent back to Earth as a woman, Amanda Brooks (Ellen Barkin), and now must deal with all of the things women deal with on a daily basis--makeup, high heels, d´┐Żcolletage, and panting, pawing macho males just like him.

It takes a while for Steve/Amanda to get the hang of being female. Sitting down with his/her legs spread wide open just like a guy is just one behavior the new Amanda has to unlearn. Amanda must also convince Steve's old friends, such as his best friend Walter (Jimmy Smits) that she is really Steve.

Meanwhile the Devil has a bet to win so he pops suddenly from time to time, leering and smiling, trying to tempt Steve/Amanda away from his/her soul-saving goal.



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