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Day Watch
  • Categories:Gender, Female To Male, Male To Female, Movie
  • aka Dnevnoy Dozor, (C) 2006
  • Russian
  • 146 Minutes
  • Subtitled: English, Spanish, French


In the russian movie Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor 2006), sequel to Night Watch, the main character Anton must hide from pursuers by forcibly having his body exchanged with a female coworker named Olga. Initially the two have the wrong vocal tonation, but Anton quickly learns from her how to correct this. They spend about 20 minutes reversed. At one point Anton joins a would be love interest in the shower, but unfortunately the film switches to the male character in a dress instead of keeping continuity (it probably has more to do with the woman seeing through to his inner-self.)

Anton and Olga later switch back. As the film draws closer to its end, Anton must use an enemy's face, disguising himself in order to enter the dark stronghold.

The first film of the two-movie set (Night Watch) is coming out on DVD in the US soon. There are various animal transformations in both films, some partial and some complete. The material can be somewhat difficult to follow, but I did see versions with partial subtitles and this likely will be corrected with the new releases.

Overall I would recommend both films.



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