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Ice Angel

  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • (C) 2000, 90 mins, PG, Cast: (Ray) Thomas Calabro , (Sarah) Nicholle Tom, Body Swap, Comedy, Made for TV Movie


Made for TV Movie. Heaven can wait type plot. Macho hockey star killed before his time accidently by an angel is sent back in the beautiful body of America's best female Figure skater to have a chance of winning a gold medal. He is not very happy about being a girl! But he learns to skate like the former girl with the help of a friend - who had happened to be the girl's big rival & enemy. The movie could have been a lot better but they went for the easy laugh and even after six months the poor actress still had to walk like a truck driver! Its still worth watching. No sex, except when the new girl thinks her new 'father' is discussing how much sex 'she' can have in a week.


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