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Froot Loops commercial Man in Bathroom Dream turns into Toucan Sam
  • Categories:Animal, Commercial


Way back in the early 90s, there was a commercial where a guy is at the breakfast table, describing a dream he had last night. He says how he went into the bathroom, washes his face, and then his nose has turned into Toucan Sam's when he looks back up. I forget what happens in here:
I believe he either looks at the box and back at the mirror to find he has Sam's wings, and the faucet is now pushing out the Froot Loops fruits, filling the room.
Soon enough the boy has completely turned into Toucan Sam, and flies up to the top of the room to enjoy his Froot Loops atop a pile of Fruits..
The boy comes out of his story and tells his friend how the dream was funky, and the friend either pulls away the box or rips off his face and it's .. Ahh! Toucan Sam! The boy wakes up from THIS dream in bed, I think.

I think the tag was also "the Fruit Taste you Dream About" during this time.


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1 Comment: Froot Loops, "Man in Bathroom Dream turns into Toucan Sam"
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