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Dandy and Company
  • Categories:Were, Webcomic


This is an early bit of the comic this storyarch ran from September 30th to November 27th (but it was put on pause for a while in October)
Bernard, Dandy's owner, was invited to a rally by his dog, unfortunately it was an anti-human rally. Well, one of the dogs that attacked him was a werewolf thus cursing Bernard. Nothing happens to him (expect for cats being afraid of him and a demon popping up out of the ground ranting on and on about Bernard being cursed) one night he gets up to get a glass of water and he freaks out. Dandy hears this and tells Bernard not to worry about a zit. Bernard bursts out of the bathroom as a werewolf (well it looks more like an anthropomorphic dog) and sez "Does THIS look like a zit!?"

The story is then put aside for a few weeks at this point.

The story than resumes with Dandy and Bernard trying to figure out what caused it. Dandy suggests maybe it was something that he ate and Dandy said that he doesn't think Diritos would turn him into a dog. Bernard says that he is too hot and can't stand having all that fur. They go and inform their friends (but not Bernard's parents) about Bernard's new form. Fortunately, this does solve the problem of finding a Halloween costume for Bernard. Unfortunately, there was a full moon on Halloween and whenever Bernard is under the light of the full moon he "goes all fangs and claws" and tries to eat his friends. Dandy and his friends get Bernard out of the moonlight and chain him to a chair in his basement, but that does make for an disturbing scene when Bernard's mom (who was not informed that her son was a werewolf) comes down to do some wash. (Dandy: "I swear this is not what it looks like" Mom:"I have failed as a mother!") Even after the full moon passes Bernard still looks like a dog, (but not blood thristy). Well, a 'heck'demon appears and states that Bernard's soul now belongs to him and he has to go to 'heck'. Dandy tells the demon that he will play him for Bernard's soul and the demon agrees becuase he "hatt seen that in many a 'movies'." They all go to 'heck' and play "Who wants to win Bernard's Soul?" Dandy states, "I wasn't expecting 'heck' to look like this, but I'm not surprised." Meanwhile, Bernard's Mom and Dad are sitting in the basement wepting over what his mom saw on Halloween night. In 'heck', Dandy wins the game and Bernard is returned to Earth in his normal form again and peace is once again restored. Only that werewolf that bit Bernard is still out there and it turns out that one of Dandy's friends knew that there was a werewolf there.

I think that about covers the description.
Good comic.


originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2006-06-01, 1 edit, entryid=552