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El Extrano Hijo Del Sheriff
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • (C) 1982, aka "The Strange Son of the Sheriff", Possession, Horror, On Video, Mexican, in Spanish


In this Mexican amalgam of "The Exorcist", "The Other", and "Basket Case", a western-era sheriff's wife dies giving birth to conjoined twins. When the boys reach the age of ten or twelve, a well-meaning doctor separates them, only to have the physically weaker of the two die. The dead twin returns as a really pissed off ghost and eventually kills the father, the doctor, and the gorgeous young teacher/surrogate mother. Wanting to return to the physical world to be with his twin again, the dead boy solves the "no body" problem by entering the newly-emptied form of the teacher and becoming "her". At the end, he/she promises his brother that they'll be together "Para siempre, para siempre" ("Forever, forever"). Surprisingly effective.

Youtube link to the final possession in Spanish, no subbed.

El Extrano Hijo Del Sheriff 10/10

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