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Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode The Devil's Platform
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode
  • Title "The Devil's Platform", (C) 1974, Magic, Shapeshifter, Horror, pub ABC/Francy Productions for Universal TV


Tom Skerrit guest stars as a slimy politician who begins winning elections when his opponents all wind up dead. In reality, he's made a deal with the devil and is able to change into a "devil dog/hellhound" (sort of a pit bull on steroids) whenever he needs to in order to kill off whomever he wishes. When he attacks Kolchak, Carl smashes the special amulet which dooms Skerrit to remain in the form of the now-normal (except mentally) dog for the rest of his life. Dog and his wife disappear from town; Kolchak remarks slyly into his ever-present tape recorder that he hopes Skerrit enjoys bringing his wife's slippers and newspapers to her for the next few decades.

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