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"Charlie X" episode of Star Trek
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode
  • Series: Star Trek
  • Title "Charlie X", (C) 1966, Magic, Sci-Fi, pub NBC/Norway Productions


In this episode from the original series, the Enterprise picks up a human youth who has been stranded on a far-flung planet, supposedly alone, since the crash of the ship he was a passenger on as a baby. Actually, formless aliens have raised "Charlie X" and endowed him with awesome mental powers which approach the magical for his own protection. Now, in a combination of "It's a GOOD Life" and "Visit to a Small Planet", he's a teenage boy with limitless powers and a baby's lack of discipline. While on the Enterprise, his awkward advances are rejected by a beautiful young female crewmember whom he petulantly chages into an iguana-like lizard (we never find out if she's changed back). He also completely wipes away the face of another young woman, breaks all of Spock's bones, and makes several crewmembers simply disappear before he's taken back "home" by the cloud-like aliens who raised him.

originally posted by Macaroni on 2000-04-28, 1 edit, entryid=5472