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"My Wife As A Dog" episode of Friday The 13th, The Series
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode
  • Series: Friday The 13th, The Series
  • Title ""My Wife As a Dog"", (C) 1988?, Body Swap, Magic, Slow Change, Horror


In this episode, a man with a dissolving marriage and an unhealthy attachment to his aging dog comes into possession of a cursed dogleash which allows its owner to physically exchange the traits of two other subjects when a murder is performed using the leash. Under the guise of trying to reconcile with his soon-to-be-ex, the man begins to kill and slowly, trait by trait, change his wife into the image of his elderly dying dog, while also transforming the dog into her. The poor woman doesn't know what's happening, of course, as she seems to be the feminine counterpart of Larry Talbott during a full moon (that's a WOLF MAN reference, by the way). Finally, before the inept heroes can track him down, the man uses the leash to strangle his almost fully metamorphosed wife, which completes her transformation while also changing the dog entirely into a human woman. In the end, we find the killer behind bars for his string of murders and his "wife" visiting him in a most loyal fashion and panting, canine-like, as he pets her for being "such a good girl". This is a truly misogynistic episode, and kind of funny, to boot.


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