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The Atomic Brain
  • Categories:Female, Animal, Movie
  • (C) 1963, aka Monstrosity, Body Swap, Horror, Sci-Fi, On Video, (C) Emerson Films


A wonderfully entertaining bad flick which contains virtually every cliche from the slaphappy pulps of the Thirties. An aging rich woman finds a doctor who claims to be able to transplant human brains; she hires a series of nubile young women supposedly as house help but actually as a lineup from among whom she can choose her new body. The already mad doctor goes even madder, transplants a cat's brain into one of the young women and then takes the elderly rich lady's brain and puts it into the cat. In the end, the scientist is killed by the atomic energy he uses in his surgery(?)when the human-brained cat locks him in the power plant (not too bright if you want the doc to RE-transplant you into a human form, eh?) and the woman-cat is left to scrouge a living out of garbage cans while contemplating her plight and her ultimate vengeance. Brain transplants, good-lookin' babes, madness, this crazy flick has just about everything! Critically-abused but loads of fun! Look for it!

Interesting near miss. Old woman has a scientist perfect his brain transfer technology so she can have a young beautiful body. Never happens.

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