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Dragon Warrior IV
  • Categories:Gender, Monster, Female, Male, Animal, Video Game, Illusion, Magical, Shapeshifter, Fantasy
  • Original Release Title: Doragon Kuesuto F� Michibikareshi Monotachi (lit. "Dragon Quest IV: Those Who are Shown the Way") in Japan.
  • Original Game Console: NES
  • Original Release Date: October 1992
  • Enhance Remake Released for Sony PlayStation on November 22, 2001 in Japan only.
  • Enhance Remake Released for DS as Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen on September 16, 2008.
  • Also Known in Europe and Australia as Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen.
  • � Square-Enix
  • Series: Dragon Quest


Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest IV has many different changes that occur throughout both the original game, and some new ones that are exclusive to the enhanced remake.


In the Prologue chapter of the enhanced remake, the Hero's friend Eliza shows off her new spell 'Morph'. This chapter does not appear in the NES version.

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Fur svefg nccrnef nf n sebt, naq gura nf urefrys. Fur nyfb punatrf vagb gur sbez bs n enoovg, orsber fur svanyyl fgnlf ure gehr sbez.


During Chapter 3, the Merchant Taloon happens upon a small town, Foxville. There, he hears rumors that the women are not what they seem. They have trapped the architect needed for bridge repairs.

Later, when Taloon arrives with a dog, he learns the truth.

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Gur jbzra naq znal bs gur pvgvmraf ner npghnyyl Sbkrf gung unir gnxra ba gur nccrnenapr bs uhznaf gb gevpx bgure uhznaf vagb fgnlvat va gurve ivyyntr.

Note: The name of this village was changed to The Hamlet North of Ballymoral in the DS Remake.


At the beginning of Chapter 5, the Hero's (either male or female as chosen by the player) Hometown is attacked by monsters, who are trying to kill the Hero. The Hero's friend Celia (or Eliza in the remake) hides the hero, and then uses the spell of 'transform' ('morph' in the remake) to change into a copy of the Hero. She is slain by the monsters.
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Ubjrire, jura gur ureb ergheaf ubzr ng gur raq bs gur tnzr, gur ureb vf noyr gb erivir Pryvn naq gur bgure gbjaf sbyxf (va gur erznxr, ur pna bayl erivir Ryvmn).


The hero (can either be male or female as chosen by the player) later learns the spell of "transform". This spell can be used to become any of the other characters in the party. When they change their shape, they have the other persons attacks and spells, so they become "The Spitting Image" of the other character.

Note: This ability has been removed from the remakes as it was originally in the game to allow the player the opportunity to use the abilities of a party member. In the remakes, the Party A.I. can be changed to follow orders, which allows for complete control.

Human to Monster

Mara (Maya in the enhanced remake), the female dancer who can cast fire attack spells, learns a spell BeDragon that changes her into a large dragon that can "emit a violent blaze."

Note: This name of this spell is changed to 'Puff' in the DS remake.


As with Dragon Warrior III, this game also contains a Staff of Change, which in this game is called the Staff of Transform.

Using the Staff of Transform on the field will change your entire party into a different character (Male, Female, Animals, or Monsters.)

When you change into a monster, you can scare towns people and it is required that you are one of the beasts so that you can take part in the meeting at Dire Palace to hear Saro/Psaro speak of Esturk.

Note: This name of this item is changed to 'Mod Rod' in the DS remake. 'Dire Palace' was renamed 'Diabolic Hall' in the DS remake.

Monster to Human

There is a monster called Imposter (Float-o-copier in the remake), that can cast transform (Morph) and take the form and skills of anyone in your party. The biggest danger is that when they become Cristo (Kiryl), they have a very good chance of success using Beat (whack) and Defeat (thwack).

Human to Monster

Throughout the game, your party learns of the "Secret of Evolution" that Edgar (Later Mahabala) accidentally discovered when he was working trying to perfect Alchemy (turning other metals into gold).

Balzack, Edgar's apprentice is the first to use it.
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Vg punatrf uvz sebz n uhzna znyr vagb n sheel ornfg. Ur vf sngnyyl jbhaqrq ol gur fvfgref, naq ehaf bss gb Fnagrrz (Mnzbxfin) jurer ur shegure hfrf vg naq punatrf vagb n ynetr qentba zbafgre.

Keeleon (Marquis Regent) also uses it.
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Vg vf pynevsvrq zber va gur QF erznxr, jura ur vf svanyyl orngra ol gur shyy Ureb'f cnegl, Znedhvf Ertrag punatrf onpx sebz n Zhygvnezrq, yvba-urnqrq ornfg vagb n abezny zna, jvgu ab zrzbevrf bs jung ur qvq juvyr haqre gur vasyhrapr bs Ribyhgvba.

Saro (Psaro) uses the perfected method, which included the Gold Bracelet (Armlet of Transmutation).
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Qevira bire gur rqtr ol gur qrngu bs uvf Tvey Sevraq, Fneb hfrf gur Frperg bs Ribyhgvba gb nffhzr gur ebyr nf gur xvat bs gur zbafgref. Ur punatrf sebz n abezny Uhzna vagb n Ynetr Erqvfu Lryybj ornfg Arpebfneb (Cfneb gur Znafynlre). Nf ur vf nggnpxrq, orpnhfr gur ribyhgvba jnf abg pbzcyrgr, ur punatrf. Ur svefg ybbfrf uvf nezf naq urnq, naq gura tebjf n arj urnq va uvf gbefb. Ur pbagvahrf gb ribyir naq tebjf arj yrtf, nezf naq svanyyl n ubearq urnq. Ur ergheaf gb uvf uhzna sbez jura orngra.

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Nnzba, Cfneb'f evtug unaq trareny nyfb hfrf gur Frperg bs Ribyhgvba gb fnir uvzfrys va gur raunaprq erznxr'f puncgre 6. Ur nyfb hfrf uvf cbjref rneyvre gb orpbzr n uhzna gb nggnpx Ebfr.


There are 2 changes that are exclusive to the Enhanced DS Remake.

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Obgu bpphe va Ubsszna'f Cvbarre gbja. Gur svefg bar vf zragvbarq rneyl ba, gung fbzrguvat unccrarq gb Fhygna bs Cvbavevn, Fhygna Snebt. Yngre, n gnyxvat ubefr, Ze. Arq nccrnef va gbja (ng fgntr 4) naq pnaabg erzrzore jul ur jnf qenja gurer. Va puncgre 6, bapr gur gbja orpbzrf n Pnfgyr (Yriry 5), ur erzrzoref gung ur jnf punatrq jura n travr chg n phefr ba Fhygna Snebt. Frnepuvat guebhtubhg gur gbja, lbh pna svaq gur Fhygnaf Obql naq Urneg. Bapr eryrnfrq, gur Sebt gung unf orra va gbja, gung vf fvggvat va gur guebja ebbz gheaf onpx vagb gur Fhygna, va uvf uhzna sbez.

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