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"Lifeline" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Series: Star Trek: Voyager
  • Title "Lifeline", Illusion, Shapeshifter, Trivial, Sci-Fi


Looks like this makes *two* gender-morphs for the Doctor (in just a few weeks no less!) and *three* for the entire

Anyway, the Doctor receives word that his creator - Dr. Zimmerman - is dying so the Doctor is downloaded via compressed stream to Zimmerman's lab on Earth. However, he finds that his creator thinks him "obsolete" (the Doctor was just the prototype)and refuses to let the Doctor treat him or even scan him. So the Doctor gets sneaky.

In one scene, we see Zimmerman getting a therapeutic massage
from a *beautiful* humanoid female in a tight-fitting gold lamet dress. After Zimmerman begins to relax under her gentle touch, the masseuse whips out a medical tricorder and begins scanning him. Zimmerman notices and catches on to the little ruse and tells the computer to realign the
EMH (the Doctor)'s program as the "masseuse" fades out and is replaced with the Doctor - once again using his holgraphic nature to impersonate a member of the fairer sex! (This time it isn't really a morph, however, since the "masseuse" image is just replaced with that of the Doctor)

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