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Korgoth of Barbaria episode #1 - Pilot
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Aired: 17 Sept. 2006


A sword and sorcery cartoon comedy/drama on the Cartoon Network. The animation is just OK but the women are drawn really hot. Korgoth is a Conan clone who moves from adventure to adventure. In the pilot episode he is tasked to steal an artifact from a wizard. After the confrontation between the wizard and Korgoth, the wizard is left with his head on the body of a beautiful girl and makes his escape.

This series definitely has lots of potential.

in an episode of the cartoon network's adult swim series, Korgath is ransacking a wizards floating castle when his new girlfriend (rescued during the trek to the castle) walks in and is killed by the elderly wizard. When Korgath rolls her body around to face him, the wizard's head is on her sexy body! He/she gloats for a second,walks to a window and flys off into the sky, hopefully to appear in a later episode!.


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3 Comment: Korgoth of Barbaria, "#1 - Pilot"
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