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Futurama Comics issue 24
  • Categories:Animal, Comic Book


Another bout with the "What if.." machine, this time in comic form.

Fry asks what if life was more like a sitcom? "I Dream of Leela" starts to play on the What if's screen. Fry, a space chimp (he is still human but just called a chimp) crashs on to an island and finds Leela, a genie in a bottle. Fry then accidentaly smashes Leela's bottle and now she has no where to live. Fry invites her back to his pad, and Leela turns him into a frog (frog - pad, get it?) Fry remarks, "Cool, now turn me into a Dinosaur!" and he is turned into a dinosaur shortly and then turned human again when they arrive at Fry's place. Bender then Zoberg shows up and Leela turns Zoberg into a cow. "He looks like Surf and Turf". Other stuff happens and the show is over.

Back in reality, Bender was playing poker with the "What if..." machine and looses everything including his sense of humor. Fry asks if that means that Bender isn't going to end the comic on a funny note and Bender replys "No"

originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2006-06-05, no edits, entryid=541