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Dale Watters
  • Categories:Animal, Short Story
  • Title "'You're Not Listening!'", In "The Temple of Luna", (C) 1999, Adult Content, Magic, Shapeshifter, Comedy, Fantasy


This contains a MAJOR 'spoiler'. A pair of young lovers, sexually passionate but otherwise totally unsuited to one another, return from separate summer vacations with stunning secrets each gained knowledge of while on the Continent. The lady has found a ruined temple on one of the Greek islands wherein she uncovered the mysteries of Circe's magic, and before her rather chauvinistic beau can disclose his discovery, she turns him into a small pig, 'to teach him a lesson in humility'. The unfortunate pig retains his human mind and does everything within his power to please his delighted mistress, yet she continues to push off the date of his supposed re-transformation into the human. He attempts to warn her of some upcoming danger but is completely unable to speak now and thus is summarily ignored. Finally, while the pig is being viciously 'disciplined' for one more night, the full moon rises, and he becomes a slavering man-monster who swiftly reduces the 'new Circe' to a collection of bloody organs. You see, the young man had been bitten by a werewolf during his vacation. With no possibility of returning to his true form left to him, the pig with the man's mind retreats into the forest to live out his highly unusual existence and slaughter a few farm animals every month or so. Literate and bitingly comic. Ms. Watters takes unerring aim at the conceits of both male and female while always remaining entertaining. DSF. 'Dale Watters' is a pseudonym for a teenaged girl.

originally posted by Duncan Scott FitzHugh on 2000-05-31, no edits, entryid=5402