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  • Categories:Animal, Movie
  • (C) 1999, 89 mins, PG-13, Shapeshifter, Action, Fantasy, On Video, pub Kushner-Locke Company


Unlike many flicks, this fantasy suffers from having too many ideas shovelled into it. A teenaged boy travels to Romania to search for his parents, who are CIA operatives kidnapped by some mysterious fascist organization. While he's searching, he's instructed by a 300+ year old wizard in the art of shapeshifting, and during the course of the movie he becomes a German shepard, a pigeon, and a winged griffin, though the total on-screen transformation time is less than two minutes. In addition to the transformations and the wizard, the film also offers high-tech surveillance equipment, a naked (and well-built) digitized artificial woman from the future, a witch who shrinks the boy to eight inches in height (thus qualifying him for another entry on this board) and then injects herself into the Internet, a dictator who kills his enemies by using a super-science weapon that reduces them to powder, and a family of psychically-advanced dwarves who live in the sewers beneath the city. If the scripters had gone with one -- or at most two -- of these ideas, the result probably would have been more coherent and entertaining, but the effects are pretty decent. Look for it if you have nothing better to watch.

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