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The Hunger episode Menage-A-Trois
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode
  • Title "Menage-A-Trois", Episode: 1, (C) 1998, Pilot, Adult Content, Body Swap, Body Thief, Possession, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery


From the short story by Wilson, but with many changes. An a very rich, evil, old cripple with deformed legs has hired a beautiful but shy and demure young nurse. She pretends to be kind but lurns the young woman into holding her hand after injecting morphine. The girl drifts off into sleep and the old woman possessed her body! She then uses the nurses body to have wild sex with the young handiman.
The nurse the mornings after remembers nothing of this but starts smoking just like the old woman. And general acts 'out of it'. The possession happens with more & more frequency and the handiman becomes suspicious.
At the end 'the nurse' is dressed incredibly sexy and smoking and smiling seductively as the new stud-handiman comes in the house.

Note:Has some good moments, but bad ones too. Karen Black's performance is great. But why does the old woman have superhuman strength & resistance in the girl's body. Why is the handiman killed? And what happens to the girl at end? Has her personally disapeared? Is she in the old woman's cripple replusive body? Probably, but we don't know.

originally posted by Eric on 2000-06-30, no edits, entryid=5293