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The Head
  • Categories:Female, Movie
  • (C) 1959, 92 mins, aka Die Nakte Und Der Satan, Germany, Cast: (hunchback) Karin Kernke, (stripper) Christiane Maybach, Body Swap, Body Thief, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, English Dubbed


A mad (what else) Doctor invents away to keep a severed head alive. He falls in love with a sweet, intellgent young woman with deformed hunchback young woman. He lures a sexy stripper to his lab. He puts the girls head on the strippers body and then has a train run over the old body & the strippers head. Everyone thinks the stripper is killed. The girl in her new body runs away, but needs clothes. Surprise she finds an even glown and high shoes( that had belonged to the stripper) fit perfectly!
Low buget german production with several good scenes.
The best is when the girl goes to her old room & pulls down the paper she had put on her mirror, she had never wanmted to look at her old body, to then look at her new sexy body.
She also finds she smokes and can dance - muslce memory from the body.


originally posted by Eric on 2000-07-08, no edits, entryid=5266