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Danny Phantom: School's Out / Ghoul's Out
  • Categories:Misc, Movie


This made for TV movie is the adventure the Danny Phantom and Crew have when summer vacation starts. Freakshow has found the reality gauntlet which allows to to control reality when it is paired with the four gems: The gem of Life, the gem of Form, the Gem of Fantasy, and the Gem of Power. Danny and his friends manage to scatter the gems across the US and then have to go fetch them.
The gem of Life was at the Space Center in Flordia and it brought the space shuttle to life as some monsterous bird like thing.
The gem of form was at "Goth Fest" in the Nevada desert and it turned all the goths into cute little teddy bears that love everyone.
and the gem of fantasy was sent to a comic convention in California. The gem of Fantasy fell into the hands of three comic geeks and turn one into some Alien-like Rock monster, one powerful Ninja thing, and a girl into a wolfgirl. Unfortunatly they were supervillians, not superheros.

Favorite quote:
Tucker (on wolfgirl attacking him): "That has to be the hottest geek I have ever seen!"
The wolfgirl transforms from a civil werewolf to a giant wild werewolf.
Samm: "You still think so?"
Tucker: "Yup, still hot!"

There were a few more transformations, including Danny to jello, but they were minor.

originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2006-06-12, 1 edit, entryid=519