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The Lost Continent Atlantis
  • Categories:Animal, Movie
  • (C) 1961, Shapeshifter, Slow Change, Action, Sci-Fi, On Video, pub MGM


Not one of George Pal's best films, but a fun one, nevertheless. It takes place in the mythical Atlantis, of course, where a valiant Greek fisherman who has saved the Princess' life is rewarded by being sentenced to slavery and then becoming a gladiator. Apparently, there are a lot more people on the island than useful animals, because a typically mad scientist has come up with a way of using hypnosis (!) and various herbs to transform unlucky men into whichever type of animal is currently most in demand. We see a number of these "Moreau"-like creatures during their slow metamorphoses, and a huge hog who was once even as you or I is paraded before the hero with the threat that he (the hero) will receive the same treatment very soon . . . only the hero will be "allowed" to retain his own mind and know that he's really a man while being fattened up for Sunday dinner. The hero's peasant sidekick is changed partially into a mule or stag or something, and apparently because there's no way of changing any of the subjects back, he has to die bravely while participating the requisite slave revolt. Then the island sinks and robs mankind of this highly intriguing technology. It's all a bit too silly, but for the tf aspects and the okay special effects, it remains an entertaining watch.

originally posted by Macaroni on 2000-09-07, no edits, entryid=5177