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Virginia Farmer book Sixpence Bride
  • Categories:Female, Book
  • Title "Sixpence Bride", (C) 2000, Body Swap, Drama, Fantasy, romance


Picked out of a present day tour to be part of a historical reeenactment, Jocelyn sits down on the auction block a moment before she blacks out briefly. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself being auctioned off in a very real environment. Jocelyn is rescued by a handsome young man and believes that the marriage ceremony that follows her sale at an auction is part of the historical reenactment. Her panic deepens when she finally realizes that not only has she traveled back in time, but she has swapped bodies with another woman. Her new body is several inches shorter and more than a few pounds heavier than Jocelyn's modern version was, her hair is now blonde, and her voice has become huskier.

She has a lot of adjusting to do.

(A future book may tell the other side of the swap in the present)

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