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Dream a little Dream
  • Categories:Female, Movie
  • 1:55 mins, Body Swap, Possession, Drama, Fantasy, On Video


Old man ( Jason Robars) is experiementing with mental discplines and talks his wife(Piper Laurie) into joining him. Two teens Corey Feldmen & Meredith Salenger bump into them & all four are knocked unconscious. Somehow the two older people's minds merge into the younger one's bodies, but their old bodies have disappeared ( not a body swap, the teens aren't in the old bodies.) The older man has complete control of the teen male body - with the orginal teen aggaitaging him to get him into college! The woman isn't totally aware in the girl's body, but you know she's there - doens't rememebr locker combinations & can't rememeber cheerleader routines & has the same nervous habits of the older woman.
Not a vey good movie - the older people aren't tempted for a minute to stay young. If the teens would have been in the old bodies - there would have been more drama.

originally posted by Eric on 2001-03-29, 1 edit, entryid=4921