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Sugar Puffs commercial Honey Monster
  • Categories:Animal, Commercial
  • (C) 1990s, British, Shapeshifter, Fantasy


This British advertisment for 'Sugar Puffs' breakfast cereal was screened in the early 1990s and I vaguely remember it. A young boy sleeply walks down the stairs on a sunny day to get some breakfast (presumably the rest of his family are still asleep) and he notices on the top shelf a box of his favourite cereal. He reaches up once, no luck, again, still no chance of getting them. So he bellows, and this is inexplicable, 'I want my.....' and you see his stripey pjs rip open slowly to reveal a fat bulk and yellow fur. The 'thing' then says HUNNY!! and you see the pathetic Honey Monster, which the boy will now be forever (I think as this was the first ad......), as the campaign still goes on today (only with the monster, no more morphs)


Video Playlist on YouTube -- Contains Kate Winslet clip & Boyscouts clip

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