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Pon Un Hombre En Tu Vida
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • (C) 1996, 84 mins, British, Rated PG-13, Cast: (Juan Antonio) Toni Canto, (Belinda) Cristina Marcos, Body Swap, Comedy


I've seen most of the m2f bodyswap movies and I must say that this one ranks as #1 on my list.
In this film, a very macho male soccer coach (Juan Antonio) switches bodies with a very demure female singer (Belinda). The lead characters are both VERY attractive. Especially the female lead. In my opinion, she's the prettiest girl to ever be swapped on film. There are the usual differences: He smokes, she doesn't. He has a hard time with female clothing. She misses her breasts, etc...
However, this one is fantastically done. Aside from the ususal gags, there are also two lesbian scenes involving the man in the woman's body. Also, the man continues his smoking habit as the demure singer. Fabulous, fabulous movie. Highly recommended.
Now, the movie is completely in spanish with no english subtitles, so I'm not completely sure what went on throughout the movie. However, it's easy to assume.
10 OUT OF 10 stars!!!



A bit of exploration after the swap...

Sorting out the swap...

Hey, a man still has needs...

Caught experimenting with lesbianism...

The mood is spoiled...

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