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Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It
  • Categories:Gender, Animal, Inanimate, Computer Game
  • (C) 1987, Game System: PC, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy, Text Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Infocom


In this surreal comic fantasy, both people and objects can be transformed by homonyms, spoonerisms, cliches, and other wordplay. There are a few transformations to and from inanimate objects. One of my favorites involves the 'worst brat' and the twist of a phrase that turns said brat into sausage.

In this surreal comic text adventure from Infocom, the player is thrust into a world where objects and people can be transformed through uses of homonyms, spoonerisms, cliches, and other wordplay. For example, ants can become aunts, or a shoving leopard can become a loving shepherd. And you may find that a certain politician has literally become a lame duck. This game could fit into several categories.

Nord and Bert is a surreal game filled with wordplay, cliches, spoonerisms, and idioms. In certain scenarios, the player is able to transform objects and people using certain phrases. This game can fit into several categories. The one notable gender transformation occurs in the 'spoonerism' scenario, where you encounter a strange old college man referred to as a 'queer old dean'. Saying 'dear old queen' will cause him to be magically transformed into a regal woman.

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