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The Twilight Zone episode Our Selena Is Dying
  • Categories:Age, Television Episode
  • Title "Our Selena Is Dying", (C) 1988, Episode, Body Thief, Slow Change, Horror, Mystery


A young doctor "inherits" an old and moribund patient from his father's practice and finds her near death. Also living in the house is a beautiful and cruel young woman and her senile "mother", supposedly the dying matriarch's sister. Another niece is summoned to take care of the near-dead woman, and immediately the old woman begins to regain her vitality and outward appearance of health, while the new niece starts looking and feeling old. Investigating, the doctor discovers that the old woman and her cruel "niece" are able to suck the youth from others and have been doing so for years. Not only that, but the "niece's" "mother" is actually her own daughter, psychically vampirized of her youth by her mother. During this confrontation, a gas lantern is spilled, setting the house on fire. The first old lady and the victimized elderly daughter are killed, tho the doctor escapes (the second niece is safe in a hospital). No trace of the beautiful "niece" is found, however, even tho neighbors saw a burning figure running from the home. At the end, an indigent, nameless, and elderly street woman is confined to a hospital bed, wrapped entirely in bandages. The doctors hold no hope at all for her recovery, even tho her right arm is mysteriously healing with fantastic speed. Outside her room, a befuddled nurse is showing her own right arm to a fellow worker, a right arm with a strange burn that she doesn't recall having received . . . . While this show (based on an original story by the late Rod Serling) was produced in 1988, I didn't see it until last week (12/6/01) on the TNT Network. Macaroni

originally posted by Macaroni on 2001-12-11, no edits, entryid=4624