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Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors
  • Categories:Gender, Male, Movie
  • Cast: Robert Englund(Freddy Krueger), John Saxon(Nancy's father), Dream, Illusion, Horror


Freddy tricks Nancy by appearing as her father(whom Freddy recently killed), then stabs her with his glove when she walks into his arms.

While a band of gifted young teenagers discover their newfound abilities inside the Dream Dimension, Freddie attempts to "divide and conquer" their little group starting with the youngest - a naieve young boy who has a crush on a gorgeous blonde nurse at a hospital back in the "real world". In the nurse's guise, Freddie lures the boy away from the group and attempts to seduce him and take possession of his soul - which makes him more powerful.


The evil Freddy Krueger appears as beautiful

nurse Marcie (Stacey Alden) to seduce one

of his victims. (Revealing his true form

is done offscreen.)

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