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Lexx episode A Midsummer's Nightmare
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "A Midsummer's Nightmare", Episode: 48, (C) 2001-2002, British, Adult Content, Dream, Illusion, Magic, Shapeshifter, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, shown in the usa January 25th on the sci fi channel.


Spoiler alert


Kai and Stanley seek out the "Feast of Mograth", hoping to resurrect Xev. There they meet Oberon, king of the faeries, who grants their request... But in return he demands their eternal servitude unless they can escape his forest before sunrise.
Oberon must marry to survive, and after all three reject Oberon, he changes himself into Zev so Stan will marry him. Then Kai and the real Zev are changed into duplicates of Stan by the old queen to confuse the female King of the fairies!

So there is also a female to male transformation, and two of them are turned into trees as well so there are inanimate transformations as well!

(Also includes some minor crossdressing and other gender confusions involving the king of the fairies who seems to lean both ways, and a dwarf queen who is played by a bearded man!)

originally posted by c jones on 2002-01-26, no edits, entryid=4588