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Dragon Warrior VII
  • Categories:Animal, Monster, Gender, Video Game, Magical, Shapeshifter
  • Original Game System: PlayStation
  • Original Release Date: November 1, 2001
  • Known as: Doragon Kuesuto Sebun Eden no Senshi-tachi, (Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden) in Japan
  • � Enix
  • Series: Dragon Quest


There are several instances in this game that contain transformations:


When you are playing the quest to get your stolen abilities back from the fake Dharma Temple priest, there is a scene in which a female character, Neris, is captured and is replaced by a monster in disguise. You travel along with "her" for a while until a party member gets suspicious and forces the creature to drop its disguise. The monster reveals itself as being a blue, melted, blob-thing with teeth called Maneater.


Also, a RPG standard transforming enemy. There are actually two enemies in the game (Jellyman and Disguiser) who will randomly transform themselves into a member of your party. The game only has two girls, the sexy sword-dancer Aira and the tom-boy Maribel.


Throughout the game, each time you go to the Shrine of Dharma, there is a goofy old man on the second floor that keeps saying he wants to become a sexy little vixen. When you visit him when the world is stuck in darkness, you see his wife is there asking him why he is hanging out with all these girls, he claims he is going to become one of them. There is a bunny girl (these are girls that wear a sexy little bunny suit, kind of like a playboy bunny). She asks you if you want to too? This question makes no sense, until the end. When you come back during the end of the game, you see that a bunny girl is sitting in the old mans seat. She says she is the old man. If you talk to Aira in your team, she goes off on the guys for thinking anything less of the old man and says that the only people she dislikes are the perverts that judge people like him. His wife is sitting across from him and she talks about maybe becoming a Jester. Talking to Aira again, she says that the only way to keep her husband safe is to become a strong man.

This is a tie to a character in Dragon Warrior III


When you find the town of Loomin, you discover the town is in chaos. The strong man, the woods man, his wife and the town�s priest all have went to find the cause of the monsters that have recently plagued the town. The only one to return is a monster in the priest�s clothes. He cannot talk, but is not harmful and always has a sad face. After your party rids the mountains of the true monster, you learn that the priest saved the town by switching bodies with the monster. He returns to his body, just in time to fall off the cross that the town�s people will burn him on. It is ironic, he was turned into a monster to save the people with the arrangement as long as he was alive, the town would be safe, but in the end it would have been the townspeople that would have caused their own downfall.


When you arrive in the village of Orph in the past, you find that you cannot communicate with the people. The animals seem to want to talk, but you cannot understand them. When you bring the woodsman to the village, he informs you that the people were cursed and somehow they are the animals, and the animals are people. You also meet the character Gabo. You latter learn he is the lone survivor of the pack of white wolves that sealed away the monster that plagued this land long ago. In the end of this all, all but Gabo return to their normal shape. Gabo is later cursed again with the ability to talk like a human by the monster that has become a man after so many years of resting in his coffin. When you get to the present, you find the people all appear to be animals again, but this time it is in celebration to honor the animals, they wear costumes for a festival.


When you save the ailing town of Probina, the souls of the shattered towns people fly back to their bodies. Two souls get mixed up and a farmer ends up in the body of a cow and the cow the farmer. When you visit the town in the future, the farmer's decedent is seen talking to the cows. It appears that his family is good at talking to the cows, a trait they received from an ancestor.

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