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Chameleons - Not The Sequel
  • Categories:Marked for Deletion
  • Adult Content, Body Thief, Illusion, Magic, Shapeshifter, Fantasy, Horror, On Video


This duplicate entry is now MARKED FOR DELETION (entryid=6082) - cj 2016 feb 24

The title is verbatim; but still another arty affair, similar to The Chameleon.

The story centers on two jaded, world weary shape-shifters who may or may not be related to the Chameleons in The Chameleon (with Tori Welles). Unlike the shapeshifters in The Chameleon, their powers are vampiric. They destroy who they mimic. Lots of transformations, mostly female-to-female, but there is a female-to-male and one key male-to-female transformation revealed at the end.

Both this and The Chameleon are highly recommended. They have a "legitimate" feel; you can watch them all the way through without feeling stupid. The dialogue's strangeness actually works, reflecting a detachment one imagines a shape-shifter may have for appearances and anything else Other to it. On reflection, the movie is made more meaningful because it IS porn: for all our vanity, bodies are ultimately disposable.

originally posted by Rose on 2002-02-08, 3 edits, entryid=4560