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Gargoyles episode Future Tense
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "Future Tense", (C) 1995, Episode, Dream, Illusion, Magic, Shapeshifter, Fantasy, Animated


After winding up in a hellish future where a trusted member of his clan has turned everyone in NYC into Mutates, Goliath is asked by his love -Elisa - to use the temporal powers of the Phoenix Gate amulet to travel back to the
present and prevent this future from ever coming to pass. Goliath is about to turn the Gate over to her when he suddenly becomes suspicious of Elisa's motives when she refuses to take the Gate unless he puts it directly in her hands. As Goliath suddenly wises up to the situation, everything around him suddenly vanishes and "Elisa" transforms into Puck the Trickster who finally admits that the whole "nightmare future" was just a fabricated ruse to get his hands on the Gate so that he might offer it to Lord Oberon in exchange for postponing The Gathering a bit longer.

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