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Superman Family Superman / Action Comics issue Unknown
  • Categories:Marked For Deletion
  • Issue: 15???, 204, (C) 1941? 1983??, DC Comics, Body Swap, Body Thief, Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi


Marked for Deletion by Sara - 1/11/08 - This record already appears to be listed on this site as part of Action Comics #20 and Superman Family #201. Appropriate data from this has been merged into corresponding entries

A crimial character who later calls himself the Ultra-humanite transfers his mind from his dying body into a healthy replacement. Much to his surprise, his new body belonged to movie starlet Delores Winters. He apparently stays in his new form for several years.

there may be more than one appearance in the forties but the body exchange occurs in an issue in the mid teens as I recall. this would place it around 1941-2 probably. It was reprinted in a Superman or Action Archive hardcover collection in the late 1990's which is still available.

Recaps of this exchange occured in later comics in issues of All Star Squadron, an annual I think, and Infinity inc. between 1-10 in which the Ultrahumanite now in the body of a great white ape wreaked havok again.

He/she also appeared in an issue of Superman Family, an anthology series around #204 I believe, in a story featuring Mr. and Mrs. Superman, the Clark Kent and Lois Lane of earth 2, the parellel universe where the golden age heroes exited until the Crisis event in the 1980's.

U-H was trying to transfer his mind into from Delores into the body of Bruce Wayne, if memory serves in the latter comic, Superman family.

originally posted by c jones on 2002-04-08, 1 edit, entryid=4451