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Reboot episode My Two Bobs
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode
  • Title "My Two Bobs", (C) 2001, Shapeshifter, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Animated


At the end of the previous episode/movie A second Bob returned from the web who appears to look and act more like the original Bob than the Bob who came back to Mainframe with Enzo Matrix. Rebooting in one game that is a take-off on Pokemon and Dragonball Z and similar anime, classic Bob is transformed into a giant blue dinosaur. Restored back to normal near the end of the episode classic Bob is about to marry Dot when he is forcibly transformed back into Megabyte. It seems Meagabyte is now a Trojan horse virus and can make himself look like anybody. after transforming into a number of male binomes and Mike the TV (television) He reveals himself in the shape of Enzo's dog Frisket. After taking over the principal office It's clear Bob's in for a long struggle with Megabyte. Last I checked 26 new episode were currently being worked on. Expect plenty of transformations in the episodes as the rebooted characters in the game are becoming more thorough (early shows basically had a change of clothes, now there are extensive physical changes).

originally posted by Justin on 2002-04-12, no edits, entryid=4444