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Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
  • Categories:Gender, Size, Video Game, Arcade Game, Body Swap, Mechanical
  • Originally available in Arcade:January 23, 1998
  • Also Available for Sega Dreamcast: September 30, 1999
  • Also Available for PlayStation: January 31, 2000


When you beat the game, you receive a special ending depending on the character you use.


This is a surprising TG ending I found playing with Lilith, a secret character.

She's the result of sexy female demons Lilith and Morrigan being fused.

When we reach the ending,

Lilith says: "Should we live in these exchanged bodies forever?"
Morrigan answers: "A collision caused this. It might be reversed."

Morrigan flies off screen, but Zangief, who loves a head-butt contest, appears suddenly and hits her head. After a bright flash, all seems to be ok: Lilith and Morrigan swapped again, while Zangief lies on the ground. Lilith says she want to return to the Dark Realm and they fly away.
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Jura Mnatvrs jnxrf hc "ur" tebjyf: "Ab! V pna'g fgnaq guvf! Pbzr onpx gb zr, fvfgre!"V thrff Mnatvrs jvyy rawbl n ybg orvat n frkl fhpphohf pnyyrq Zbeevtna.


In the ending for Shadow Lady, who is a secret character, Jin is beaten by Bison, who then flies off.
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Gura, Funqbj (n ploreargvp Puneyvr) naq Funqbj Ynql (n ploreargvp Puha Yv) nccrne, naq ercyl "Bayl Ploreangvba pna fnir uvz!". Wva gura jnxrf hc, naq fnlf "Nz V nyvir?" nf ur vf abj n cnyyrg fjnc plobet ubyqvat n ynetr qevyy.


When Roll completes the game, she meets Rush, who is carrying a holographic message from Dr. Light. She tells him that she did it, beat the stage before Mega Man.
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Qe. Yvtug vf irel cebhq bs ure, naq gryyf ure gung ur vf tbvat gb raunapr ure cbjre. Ur tvirf ure n cbjre-hc gung punatrf ure vagb n ynetre jbzna, fcbegvat n Zrtn-Zna fglyrq nezbe, ohg jvgu n syvtug cnpx.


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