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Daniel Blinn book Incest Child
  • Categories:Gender, Book
  • Title "Incest Child", (C) 1971, Adult Content, Trivial, Drama, It's an american book, written in english, 188 pages, published by GX Inc, California, distributed by Zorro Distributing Co.


TAGLINE: "A little girl finds out that sex can be fun... at any age."

Is the story of an 11 years old girl's sexual awakening. She lives with her aunt and uncle, and there's some mistery about the fate of her real parents. She starts discovering masturbation and exploring sex with a school girlfriend and her brother. Her uncle is the conductor of a kiddie tv dancing show, and you start realizing he's a kind of pedo pervert that ends seducing her niece, and eventually the three of them (the girl, the uncle and the aunt) got engaged in sex. The big mistery about her real parents reveals at the end: her supposed uncle and aunt are her real parents after both of them had changed their genders, so her uncle was actually her lesbo mother and her aunt was her queer S/M father.

originally posted by notanymog on 2002-04-23, no edits, entryid=4425