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High Spirits
  • Categories:Female, Movie
  • (C) 1988, PG, Body Swap, Body Thief, Magic, Possession, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, On Video


2 Ghosts have to reinact a murder over and over again. American Tourists arrive. The woman ghost is Darryl Hannah and Steve Guttenburg and Beverly D'Angelo man man and wife. She's very rich and bored with her husband. During the time there Steve falls in love with Darryl Hannah and tries to free her from the curse. At one point she turns into a hag, but his love is so strong that he succeeds in away. Meanwhile the wife has fallen in love with the male ghost. Towards the end She is tricked into jumping out a window and the wife and Darryl Hannah swap places. Hannah is in her body, but Quantum leap style we see her wearing the wife's clothes! Meanwhile the wife is now the ghost in Hannah's clothes and maybe astro body with the ghost husband. Everyone accepts Darryl as the wife - Steve is the only one who can see who she really is. She's happy because now her 'husband' takes her shopping!
Movie has a lot of ups and downs. SOmetime funny, sometimes very silly, sometimes touching sometimes frightening.

originally posted by Eric on 2002-05-18, no edits, entryid=4388