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Once Upon a Spy
  • Categories:Size, Movie
  • (C) 9/19/80, 97 mins, Cast: Christopher Lee (and many unidentified co-horts), Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Made for TV Movie, Columibia Picures Television, originally broadcast on ABC, also known as LETHAL GAMES


Ted Danson starred in this made for TV movie as computer nerd Jack Chenault working for the government who is called to active duty as a secret agent against his will by gorgeous operative Paige Tannehill (Mary Louise Weller). It seems that a master criminal of the James Bond variety, Marcus Valorium (Christopher Lee), has been stealing all sorts of huge devices -- and even buildings! -- without leaving behind a trace of how he does it. The secret is that he has a working shrink ray, with which he intends to hold the world hostage. Jack and Paige and a couple of other good guys/gals sneak into the huge complex from which Valorium is making his ranson demands. In order to prove his power, Valorium sets up the laser-like shrinking machine to miniaturize Hoover Dam and cause massive flooding. At the last instant, Jack manages to reset the aiming of the device and then escape the compound along with his companions. The shrinking ray shoots straight up into space, where it is reflected off of a passing satellite (as Jack planned) and returns to hit the compound dead-on. Valorium and all of his numerous hench-persons (many of whom are beautiful young women) are instantly reduced so small that they become invisible to the naked eye. But they aren't shrunken into nothing: Jack stares down at the apparently bare ground and comments that now Valorium has an entirely new world to try to conquer. The movie varied between action/adventure and rather forced comedy, but it is fun overall, and Mary Louise Weller will know your eyes out in her shiny, tight spandex outfits. This was a pilot for a series which never sold.

originally posted by Macaroni on 2002-05-19, no edits, entryid=4387