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Ed Greenwood book The Silent House
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The Koglaur, shapeshifters also known as the Faceless, have been behind the scenes of political squabbles in the land of Aglirta for many years. "The Silent House," which is a prequel to Ed Greenwood's "Band of Four" series, details how the Koglaur and other factions in Aglirta have tried to manipulate the Silvertree clan over the centuries in their quest for power.

Most Koglaur are oriented toward one gender, but they are able to impersonate people of either gender. There are a handful of brief TG transformations scattered throughout "The Silent House."

The Koglaur also make appearances in each of the four main "Band of Four" books. Their meddling presence is most notable in the third book, "A Dragon's Ascension." In one sequence, two male-oriented Faceless first appear in the shape of female exotic dancers who feature an interesting twist to their act.

Though I submitted this for Gender, there are some Male and Female and one or two Animal transformations in the various books.

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