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Virtual Voodoo
  • Categories:Gender, Adult Movie
  • Cast: Ms. Midnite character role uncertain, Daphne Rosen character role uncertain, Shapeshifter, Fantasy, On Video,


found this description on the net. havn't seen it but it is for sale so it appears to be the real deal. Check out the URL for the original site and as picture of the video box.

"The story revolves aroud a girl named Rebecca who shares an office with a young couple - John and Stacy. Problem is, John and Stacy fight all the time. One day, while working on her graphic design job, a weird lightning storm rolls in and strikes the office, causing on odd power surge in Rebecca's computer. The computer seems o.k., so she keeps working. She innocently enough imports a picture of herself and starts playing around with the size of her breast. To her amazement, her breast suddenly expand and burst out of her bra and thru her shirt. Gradually she realizes that the program now has strange powers. Then she is reminded of her miserable predicament with her selfish roommates and decides to play a little joke on them. As she types away, John and Stacy's fighting cools and John heads to the bathroom. He suddenly feels something strange happening to him. To his amazement, he changes into a woman! He emerges, horrified. Stacy, thinking he is an intruder, attacks him. John manages to get the upper hand and temporarily knocks her unconscious. He stops and let's the change sink in, and starts to admire his new female body. Meanwhile, Rebecca works away... and Stacy wakes up as a were-cat! She pounces on John and they strangle each other. The fight ends up in Rebecca's room, and soon Rebecca finds herself caught up in the hoopla... Fetishes included: Brief Breast growth, gender transformation, were-cat, strangling and more.
Genre: Adult Rating: UR Runtime: 20 Minutes
Starring: Ms. Midnite, Daphne Rosen
Director: Marc Elsworth "


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