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Civilization II
  • Categories:Gender, Computer Game
  • (C) 1996, Game System: Various, Trivial, Action, Sci-Fi


In the strategy game Civilization II, if you build the "Wonder of the World" called "Leonardo's Workshop," your military units are automatically upgraded to the next best unit. For example, if you have Leonardo's Workshop, your musketeers will automatically become riflemen once you have the appropriate technology.

One of Civilization II's early units is the diplomat, which upgrades to a spy when you research espionage technology. The diplomat's picture is your stereotypical 19th century diplomat -- a little guy wearing tails, a top hat, and gray striped trousers. The spy on the other hand is depicted as a busty female wearing a slinky dress. As a result, if you get the workshop, your diplomats will all instantly learn the new espionage skills and get instantaneous sex changes!

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