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  • Categories:Gender, Adult Movie
  • (C) 1993, Adult Content, Magic, On Video


Shayla LaVeaux stars in this very short full-length feature as a woman who has a strange power called �The Fury�. When evoked, her powers (complete with glowing red eyes) can alter the reality of those in her presence. As you would guess, she uses this extreme case of �pink-eye� to turn unsuspecting victims into sex-craved maniacs; apparently, for the sole purpose of her own (and our) personal amusement. In one scene, after being captured by a pair of evildoer/scientist types, she transforms one of the men (quick morph) into a blond chick (Debi Diamond) who immediately proceeds to jump the other guy�s bones. Even though woman apparently recognizes that �she� was once a �he�, it�s also very possible that the new �she� has absolutely no memory of her former existence; sadly, we�ll never really know for sure as the entire sequence is shot without one syllable of spoken dialogue. In summary, there is no real plot to sink your teeth into, the dialogue is poor at best, and the film is extremely short; throw in a lukewarm TG sequence (one that may not �really� even be a TG sequence) and you get an average flick at best (especially considering that this is a Paul Norman film with quite a high-powered cast).

Rated against ALL other porn movies: 3/10
Rated against other TG porn movies: 3/10
Hot looking cast: 8/10 (Shayla!!!, Peter North, & an all-star cast.)
Overall TG Value: 3/10 (Could be higher if we really knew what the hell was going on!)
M to F transformations: Yes (morph)
F to M transformations: No
Transformed characters engage in sex: Yes (MF)
Year Released: 1993 (Vidmax & Futureworks)
Overall: A random collection of �standard� sex scenes that are perhaps a cut or two above average. Plusses: Shayla!!! Minuses: Short runtime (so short they don�t even publish it), a lukewarm/questionable TG sequence, and lousy dialogue/plot. Definitely a film for die-hard TG viewers only.

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