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The Powerpuff Girls episode Criss Cross Crisis
  • Categories:Misc, Television Episode
  • Title "Criss Cross Crisis", (C) 2000, Body Swap, Action, Comedy, Animated, On Video


The Girl's creator and guardian, Professor Utonium, is working on a property-swapping device. When he cranks up the power too high, everyone in Townsville swaps bodies with someone else! The Girls wake up to discover they now have the bodies of series regulars Professor (Buttercup), Ms. Bellum (Blossom) and the Mayor (Bubbles). As the "Girls" go out to foil a bank robbery by series villain Mojo Jojo (now an old lady), the Professor tinkers with the device, trying to find the correct frequency that will return everyone to his, her, or its proper body. As he throws the switch again and again, almost every imaginable transformation takes place, with the regulars turning into animals (anything from an elephant to a gnat), aliens, leprechauns, robots, monsters, gender swap, and any age from retiree to infant! (At one point, the Mayor, Ms. Bellum and the Professor are transformed into the production staff of the show!)

originally posted by Cobe on 2002-06-07, no edits, entryid=4339