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Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
  • Categories:Animal, Size, Movie
  • Magic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


In a scene of this movie the witch Zenobia turns herself into a seagull and flys to Sinbad's ship. Once on board she turns back to her human form but is shrunken to a few inches tall. She goes into Sinbad's cabin and she makes her way across the floor towards a table. A baboon in a cage sees her and then so does Princess Farah,Sinbad,and Malanceus. He picks her up in his hand and then drops her into a glass jar. Malanceus then finds her locket and tests the liquid thats inside it on a wasp. The wasp then grows larger in size and starts flying around the cabin. While him and Sinbad are fighting the wasp Zenobia turns herself back into a seagull and flys away.

During those wonderful years of magic and adventure which never really existed, an evil witch wants her son to ascend to the throne of some mythical kingdom and therefore uses her evil powers to magically transform the rightful heir to the title into a baboon. The baboon retains the prince's human mind, though the longer he remains metamorphosed, the more his animal nature takes over. Sinbad has to set things right, of course, taking along the beautious Jane Seymore and cute Taryn Power (Tyrone's daughter). The witch also transforms herself into a sea gull on a couple of occasions (winding up with a permanent bird's foot), and right at the end, her "essence" enters into a long frozen saber toothed tiger to reanimate it.

originally posted by anonymous on 2002-06-10, 1 edit, entryid=4333