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Family Matters episode Little Big Guy
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode
  • Title "Little Big Guy", Episode, Comedy


Steve Erchal brings in his transmorpantion chamber which is equipped with an expando ray which makes things bigger in size and it also can shrink things in size. As Steve is messing with the controls the machine turns its self on. Big Guy and Steve are then bit by the machines ray. After it turns off they both go sit on the kitten counter and shrink down to a few inches tall. Big Guy and Steve find themselves trapped on top of the counter. Steve then falls inside a Pringles can and gets out by rocking it over onto it's side. Then Waldo comes to the house and then he sees them on the table. He then rus out of the house,slams the door, a canaloop falls off some books. It starts rolling after them,they get out of its way, and it falls to the floor. Then both Steve and Big Guy lay down on a peace of bread with a peace of cheese over them. At the end the machine turns back on and turns Steve and Big Guy back to their normal heights.

originally posted by anonymous on 2002-06-10, no edits, entryid=4323