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Sagamore Cottage
  • Categories:Size, Radio Play
  • (C) 1975, Magic, Slow Change, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery


Aired on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. A young couple rents a cottage from an old woman. They hear squeaking noises which they assume are mice, so they get a cat. They notice their landlady has a collection of dolls dressed in historic costumes ... and they seem to move at night. Then, the couple start experiencing sudden drastic weight loss, i.e. their clothes don't fit, the wife's ring slips off, etc. It turns out the landlady is a witch who is shrinking them. The husband escapes, though now only a few inches tall, and learns the squeaking noise is another escapee. The husband is caught by the cat, and that's all for him. The wife is luckier and survives ... if you can call being turned into a living Marie Antoinette doll lucky. The witch plans to make a friend of the couple into Marie's husband, louis.

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originally posted by Dale Ribbons on 2002-07-03, 1 edit, entryid=4290