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Rugrats episode The Incredible Shrinking Babies
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode
  • Title "The Incredible Shrinking Babies", Episode, Dream, Animated


Chuckie fall asleep and starts dreaming about being shrunk. It starts with Chuckie lookig up and seeing Dil as a giant baby compared to his shrunken size. Then Tommy,Phil,and Lil come out from under a blanket. Dil then sneezes and Chuckie grabes hold of blocks to keep from blowing away. Phil and Lil then climb up on Dil's back start making funny faces at him. Dil sneezes and they both land on a jack in the box. They then go flying into the air and land on a toy bear. Chuckie climbs some blocks and Dil then grabes the cuetip he is holding. Dil brings him up to his eyes and Chuckie falls off the cuetip to the floor. Then Chuckie and Tommy getchased by a toy cart and by Dil. Chuckie lands on a toy trai track. Dil pushes the train and Chuckie ducks out of the way as it goes by. They all then hide inside a dollhouse, Dil knocks it over and grabes Chuckie in his hand. Dil then puts Chuckie into his mouth and then Chuckie wakes up from his dream.

originally posted by anonymous on 2002-07-18, no edits, entryid=4266